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We are excited to announce the top 5 winners in each Division of the 2016 CHPC. Thank you to our judges and to everyone who submitted poetry or supported this work in any way. Below are the results of the 2016 Colorism Healing Poetry Contest. Click the title to read […]

2016 Colorism Healing Poetry Contest Results   Recently Updated!

Lee-Wilder 2016 CHPC Judges
We’re deep in the midst of judging! The submission period for the 2016 Colorism Healing Poetry Contest officially closed on April 30th. Thank you to all who participated or supported the contest in any way. Now our team of judges will review all entries to decide which ones will receive […]

Judging Underway for 2016 CHPC

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I’d like to dispell the myth that white people are total outsiders when it comes to colorism. The notion that white people are completely clueless, innocent, and irrelevant when it comes to colorism is false. Some people claim that to white people “we’re all just black.” They believe that whites see no […]

Stop Letting Whites Off the Hook for Colorism

The Colorism Healing Poetry Contest is BACK! The purpose of the Colorism Healing Poetry Contest is to raise awareness about colorism among all peoples and to provide a productive, creative outlet for self-expression and healing. Click here for a definition of colorism. Deadline: April 30, 2016 Eligibility This year the […]

2016 Colorism Healing Poetry Contest Now Open!

Many of Colorism Healing’s readers are movie fans, and several have even been looking for movies and films about colorism in particular. While the documentary Dark Girls and its sequel Light Girls are widely known among those interested in colorism, there are other notable movies and films that address this issue. […]

List of Movies & Films about Colorism

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When I published the Ultimate List of Colorism Books back in September, I discovered several new titles and new authors I didn’t know were out there. One of them was A Most Precious Pearl by Piper Huguley. As a historical romance novelist who features African American characters, Huguley is a […]

Author Interview: Piper Huguley and Historical Romance

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Why compile a list of colorism quotes? The official answer is that a collection of quotations helps fulfill the CH mission to raise awareness and provide a hub of information and resources about colorism. Other equally valid and true reasons: People like quotes! Because sometimes I just don’t know what to write. Sometimes […]

Colorism Quotes

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Colorism definitions vary. People have defined colorism in different ways over the past few decades depending on time, place, and purpose. Here’s a sampling of definitions compiled from books, articles, and websites since the early 1980s. Leave a comment and tell us which definition you prefer. Colorism Definitions: •• “Colorism—in […]

Colorism Definitions   Recently Updated!

Wondering how to start a discussion about colorism? Looking to conduct research or interviews on this topic? Tired of the same old questions and conversations about “light skin vs. dark skin”? Wishing the colorism conversation would actually get somewhere? I feel you! So I’ve compiled a list of 100 colorism […]

100+ Colorism Questions: Take Discussion to the Next Level

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Looking for colorism books? You could spend hours searching online until you find exactly what you’re looking for, or you can simply scroll through this list of over 50 books I’ve compiled. The list includes a variety of books about Colorism and Colorism related issues ranging from illustrated children’s books, to […]

Ultimate List of Colorism Books for All Ages

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Colorism Healing is hosting its first ever twitter chat! Topic: Colorism and Parenting Date: Sunday, September 9, 2015 Time: 8:00 p.m. EST Place: Twitter using #ColorismChat Follow @ColorismHealing Here are some pre-chat readings to get you ready: ♦ Mothers and Colorism ♦ Are You Doing Enough to Help Your Child […]

Our First Ever Twitter Chat! 9-6 8pm EST