The purpose of the Colorism Healing Writing Contests is to raise awareness about colorism among all peoples and to provide a productive, creative platform for self-expression and healing. Your financial support can help achieve this mission.

The first poetry contest was held in April 2014 and attracted over 300 incredible poems from across the United States. In 2016 I opened the contest to international submissions and published the first contest anthology, Colorism PoemsNow, in 2017, I’ve transitioned from a poetry only contest to a writing contest that also accepts essays. Over the years, the contest has featured outstanding judges including award winning author Sharon G. Flake, Opal Palmer-Adisa, Calida Rawles, Kiara Lee, and JeffriAnne Wilder. Click to learn more about the 2014, 2016, and 2017 contests.

By donating to this year’s contest, you will help Colorism Healing:

  • Increase awareness about the contest
  • Award cash prizes to winners
  • Finance the production, publication, and distribution of the 2017 contest anthology
  • Ensure that this contest continues to be of service for more writers in the future

All sponsors are featured on the main CHWC pages, promotional materials, and in the CHWC anthology.

Sponsors also get additional perks!

  • Donation of $30 or more- Includes signed copy of the 2017 anthology (available this Fall)
  • Donation of $50 or more- Includes signed copy of the 2017 anthology (available this Fall) and a signed copy of Colorism Poems (available immediately)

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