2014 Colorism Poetry Contest Results

Thank you to everyone who submitted poetry or encouraged someone else to submit. We received over 300 incredible poems.

Thank you to the judges Opal Palmer-Adisa, Sharon G. Flake, and Calida Rawles for volunteering their time to make this contest a reality.

And thank you, dear reader, simply for caring.

Here are the results of the 2014 Colorism Poetry Contest

Division 1: Ages 10-14


“Just the Color” by Jabari Butler

Honorable Mentions

“Accepted” by Rebecca Jimenez

“Ares Red” by Gia Spann

“Deep are the Victims” by Sophia Grudzina

“My Light Shines” by Khloe Henry

Division 2: Ages 15-19


“Midnight Girl” by Marlana Edwards

Honorable Mentions

“The Blacker the Berry” by Kiki Nicole

“Color and its ‘ism'” by Kolby Whack

“Scarred Eyes” by Joy Choe

“Whatchu Mixed Wit?” by Eric Powell Jr. aka E.L.P.J

Division 3: Ages 20+


“For my Little Black Girl” by Danielle Milton

Honorable Mentions

“All that is Left” by Heidi Rhodes

“Minority (Colon) Talented” by Crystal Armstrong

“Prism” by Sydney Odell

“That Would Be” by Paulamia Pass



  • Robert Force

    I am encouraged by the quality of young and mature poets your contest has given voice. The winners and honorable mentions throughout Div. 1 – 3 give me hope and promise that your mission of healing will be successful Thank you.

    R. S. Force

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