Colorism Healing Poetry Contest


The purpose of the Colorism Healing Poetry Contest is to raise awareness about colorism among all peoples and to provide a productive, creative outlet for self-expression and healing.

The first poetry contest was held in April 2014 (results below) and attracted over 300 incredible submissions from across the United States. That year poems were judged by three outstanding and award winning authors: Sharon G. Flake, Opal Palmer-Adisa, and Calida Rawles.

My goal is to make the upcoming 2016 CHPC even bigger by opening it up to all ages and by accepting international submissions. How can you help make the 2016 contest an even greater success?

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2014 Colorism Healing Poetry Contest

Here are the results of the 2014 CHPC:

Division 1: Ages 10-14

“Just the Color” by Jabari Butler (Winner)

“Accepted” by Rebecca Jimenez (Honorable Mention)

“Ares Red” by Gia Spann (Honorable Mention)

“Deep are the Victims” by Sophia Grudzina (Honorable Mention)

“My Light Shines” by Khloe Henry (Honorable Mention)

Division 2: Ages 15-19

“Midnight Girl” by Marlana Edwards (Winner)

“The Blacker the Berry” by Kiki Nicole (Honorable Mention)

“Color and its ‘ism'” by Kolby Whack (Honorable Mention)

“Scarred Eyes” by Joy Choe (Honorable Mention)

“Whatchu Mixed Wit?” by Eric Powell Jr. aka E.L.P.J (Honorable Mention)

Division 3: Ages 20+

“For my Little Black Girl” by Danielle Milton (Winner)

“All that is Left” by Heidi Rhodes (Honorable Mention)

“Minority (Colon) Talented” by Crystal Armstrong (Honorable Mention)

“Prism” by Sydney Odell (Honorable Mention)

“That Would Be” by Paulamia Pass (Honorable Mention)

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