Colorism Poetry Contest Submissions- U.S. Edition

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Please note that there will not be a 2015 poetry contest. Plans are being made to renew the contest in 2016. If you have not found another outlet for your poem by that time, I hope you return and enter the contest then.

36 thoughts on “Colorism Poetry Contest Submissions- U.S. Edition”

  1. Jabari Butler says:

    I have a good one I just have to remember to submit it at the right time.

  2. Ningkhanngam says:

    Im from India. Can i participate ?

    1. Ningkhanngam says:

      I have already submitted. My poem title is… First Love.

    2. Hello! This contest is only for US residents. If you’re currently living in the US, then you can submit.

      1. Ningkhanngam says:

        Why only for US ? Colorism should be for everyone.

  3. Steven Butler says:

    All finished I cant wait to see how this contest goes.

  4. I was waiting to enter this poem and now that it is open I’m happy to submit. Thanks for providing an outlet for such a touchy subject and I have even more poems on the matter. I hope my poem can speak across color boundaries and everyone will be happy to accept it. Thank you for the opportunity.
    andrea barr recently posted…Ur Realm 3/4/14My Profile

    1. Thanks for submitting Andrea! I look forward to reading your work. Be sure to share this outlet with others so we can continue to spread awareness about the issue.

      All best


      1. Ningkhanngam says:

        Why only for US ? Colorism should be for everyone.

  5. I think I accidentally submitted my poem twice. it’s My light shines!

  6. meralbirinci says:

    A good site to spend time

    1. meralbirinci says:

      Why can’t we participate?

      1. Hi, I’m not sure why you specifically can’t participate, because I don’t know how old you are or where you live. The contest is limited by age and location for a couple of reasons. The first is that we have a limited number of judges who are volunteering their time, so I wanted to keep the contest manageable in size. The second reason the contest is limited to the United States is that there are some legal issues with contests that get a little complicated the larger a contest is and the the more countries that are included. Again, with limited resources, I could not take on the task of handling such a large scale contest at this time. However, I hope to grow and have an even bigger contest next year that will include international submissions. Thanks for reaching out! I hope you stay in touch.

        All best,


  7. TRACIE SCOTT says:


  8. Michael jones says:

    Happy to show my work

  9. Will there be another contest for this next year?

    1. Hi Jessica, Unfortunately I will not be hosting a contest in 2015. Resources for the coming year will go to hosting other in-person events on a more local level. However, I do plan to bring the contest back in the future. You can subscribe to the mailing list to stay informed about future projects, events, contests, etc.



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