The Colorism Database is an ever growing, searchable index of over 350 works that explore the issue of colorism around the world. This includes everything from scholarly research to musical plays. The works included in the database span an entire century. We’ve included links to the resources that are available for free online to the general public.

If you or someone you know has started a new project, or if there’s a completed work that we haven’t discovered yet, please email me or leave your message in the comments section.


  • Dear Sarah:

    My name is Elder Makabi and I am the author of Byword “A nation called out of their name” which is in the editing stage and is schedule to be release and availed on digital outlets such as Amazon etc. in 2015. However, during my ongoing research I located your website and appreciate the work you are doing to promote healing from the horrific effects of our holocaust of slavery in the Americas. Moreover, as I am learning and developing my thoughts and position on “Colorism” I would like to develop a link and/or collaboration with you, your readers, the general public, and resources to determine what contributions I can make to advance the healing of our nation.

    • Greetings, Elder Makabi! Thank you for reaching out to me. I’m glad you discovered the site, and I hope the content here is useful to you in some way. I think networks and collaboration are important. Please email me and tell me more about your ideas.

      All best,


  • Runita Jones

    One Drop by Bliss Broyard
    Cane River by Lalita Tademy
    Light, Bright, and Damn Near White by Michelle Gordon Jackson

    Lena Horne’s biographies. There is another that I cannot remember. When I do, I will post it

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