“Mejorando la raza” translates to “Bettering/Improving the race.” In the docu-series titled Negro by Dash Harris, latinos discuss colorism in various countries.

The idea of “bettering the race” has also played out in the United States where many families only marry people with skin as light or lighter than theirs. But I was thrilled to find that someone had covered this issue outside of the U.S. (I’m sure many have.)

I’m always thrilled by the gems I discover in my ongoing treasure hunt for things that can help the world heal from colorism.

The first woman to speak in this preview takes a controversial stance, one that makes many people of color angry, which is that we should be more concerned with internalized racism (what people of color do to ourselves as a result of historical messages about our inferiority) than what other races do or say to us.

I’m of the belief that we need a balance of those two things. It all operates as one system.

The idea of this connectedness plays a part in why I’m interested in colorism around the globe. Nothing exists in a vacuum. The struggles and victories that exist in one nation have the potential to impact all others.

Though I think there needs to be balance, I choose to focus on colorism because self-love is the foundation on which we fight our oppressors. I focus on colorism around the world because a global coalition against colorism (official title?) would be more effective in dismantling the white power structure that created or fermented colorism.


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