We are excited to announce the top 5 winners in each Division of the 2016 CHPC. Thank you to our judges and to everyone who submitted poetry or supported this work in any way. Below are the results of the 2016 Colorism Healing Poetry Contest. Click the title to read the poem.

Division 2: Ages 12-19

1st Place: “Ghost” by Ren-Caspar Smith

2nd Place: “On Being a Dark Skin” by Basirat A. Owe

3rd Place: “La Morena” by Esmeralda Hic

4th Place: “Contrast” by Marielle R. Medina

5th Place: “Mi Negrita” by Arianne Amparo

Division 3: Ages 20+

1st Place: “The Baby Factory” by Cassandra Alfred

2nd Place: “Getting Blacker” by Katrina N. Robinson

3rd Place: “Beginning with the Color of My Skin” by Allayah R. Carr

4th Place: “Things I Wanted When I Was 10” by Zoe A. Everett

5th Place: “Untitled” by Letonia Louis Robertson


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